Welcome to the Valued Voice COVID-19 response

We are currently facing an unprecedented health crisis that is impacting all of our lives

Valued Voice is a public health advocacy organisation which operates in the private sector to help promote and protect people’s health and wellbeing and to strengthen our community

We do this by assisting individuals and organisations to help themselves and to help others in our community.

We build social capital (the glue) that holds our society together. We aim to connect brilliant people in our community so that they can help individuals and businesses in our community to help themselves.

We are currently engaging with the medical profession to facilitate communication between doctors.

We want to hear about who you are, your skill set, the challenges you are facing in this COVID-19 crisis and how you are finding ways to overcome those challenges.

If you are a doctor and making a difference, I want to hear from you so please email


We will be looking for moderators to build teams of doctors to work on solutions.

Please be aware that I may not be able to individually respond to each of your emails quickly given the current workload but I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.